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Morocco: 25/5 - 20/7 2023

 My next adventure is about to happen, in a few days I ‘ll be in Morocco where I will face the heat of the desert and the highs of the Atlas mountains.

I am not gonna lie, I’m really nervous. Fear about the climate, about the heat in particular, fear about my body, about the bike.

There’s two goals I am trying to reach:

1. Stay save and healthy

2. Be the ‘yes-man’ to make stories

There is no need to dig too deep, I want to return in the Netherlands in good health. To me it means I’ll ride less, rest more and better, eat healthier and sleep more in hotels.

 That will also lead to point 2, be more the ‘yes-man’. While the focus is not fully on putting on an immense ammount of kilometers, it is easier to make stories alongside the road. I say ‘yes’ to what comes on my path more than I used to do.

Another, better feeling, before this travel starts is that I know when I return home: the 20th of July. It’s not an endless adventure, I just have 8 weeks to make it an awesome experience: for sure I will experience a million of emotions again, like always.

 Off I go!

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