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It´ is a mystery...

How I end up in some very intriguing adventures, is what people keep telling me.

My usually response is to downplay a sentence like that, but the last week I have been thinking this exact sentence over and over again. Since my original plan of going into Africa has been delayed due to the current COVID-situation, I decided to hibernate in the south of Europe.

In other words, I slow down, look for places and jobs to settle down a bit and pass through time. After the winter is over, I will most likely go direction east: Turkey, Iran…

And then this happened, I met a Dutch girl Janneke traveling in a campervan going from workaway to workaway who saw a message of mine on a bike packing forum and she suggested to meet one day. One week later, I almost did not touched my bike and we crossed the Algarve by her van the whole time.

The hour before I met Janneke, I waited in a local cafe. An old man approached me and we had a lively chat together. In the end he gave me his businesscard.

I did reached out for him, and he offered me and the Dutch girl a room in his gigantic ‘quinta’, we are allowed to eat the fruits from his garden and we can stay for a couple of days if we like.

 How did I end up in this intriguing adventure? 

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What have I got myself into now again?

I lost a bit of my bikelife and I switched into a vanlife. Via a Dutch bike packer website a Dutch girl named Janneke send me a message. She was traveling in the south of Spain and she would love to meet up and here my stories. So we did. We agreed on a date, time and...

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Almost 2200 kilometers by bike and a skipped bunch of kilometers by campervan brought me into Coimbra! There I met Merel, a Dutch friend who is walking to Santiago de Compostella, Spain. We both go in opposite directions in different speeds and different ways, but in...