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I’m home! A simple sentence, with high value. 

A great journey filled with tons of memories is over now, but can it truly be over? It stays alive in my brain. I’ve seen a lot, I’ve felt a lot, I’ve done a lot.

I’m thankful that I could go on this expedition, that I made it happen. I’m thankful for being in good health, for making the right decisions, for the nature I saw, for the people I met, for the motivation to tackle the bad weather, mountains and head winds. 

It’s good to be home, I give myself the time to recover fysically an mentally. I need it. More than it feels at the moment, because the adrenaline level last weeks was seriously high. I know people will ask me about my future plans, I know I will have to make plans. I am not the person to sit down on a couch forever from now on, but give me some time.

No, I’ll come up with some ideas and I am sure I’ll go on a new adventure. Most likely further away, for a shorter period of time. But first, it’s time to enjoy a different way of life, to enjoy being together with my family and friends.

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Recovery time!

PPPPPPPPwooooooooooooooooah what a difference this is: living under the same roof now for a few days, instead of waking up and not knowing where I'll be in a minute, where I will sleep the next day, what unexpected opportunities crossed my path. The best thing is,...

Reached the finish line

The journey has come to an end. Eleven months since I took off, 24 countries in Europe and Asia and in a way it doesn't matter about the kilometers, the hours ridden on the bike. What matters the most is how I felt. And I felt great, ofcourse not all day everyday, no...

Almost there, almost done

1500km to go and I'm not even sure if I will cover everything by bike. I have decided to be back in The Netherlands for a wedding of a good friend the 17th of september. That's a clear deadline and it feels good to have one. It gives every day a purpose. Every meter...