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Turkish tenderness

The heat is on! 

I know, I know, traveling in Turkey during summer time isn´t the smartest decision that I´ve made, but it is what it is.

It´s up to me how to deal with the heat. Should I start riding by night? Or less than usual? Or should I forget about my original ideas and seek for less hot areas?

The things I learned so far about the heat is that it makes me very, very slow in my head. It’s super hard to make decision, it’s super hard to stay concentrated. Like always, I should live with the obstacles that occur, if it’s the cold, wind, heat, body, mind…there’s a limit to everything and that’s ok. 

The perfect bike day doesn’t really exsist, it’s the matter of adjusting. And it’s definitely not a race.  

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Turkish delight (3)

'Accept it with gratefullness' is what I tell myself these days. The generosity of the Turkish people is just from another planet.  -I bought a bread at a gas station. The owner wanted me to sit down and he gave me coffee, walked to his garden and provided me with a...

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Turkish delight (2) I pushed myself pretty hard the last 20 days, it’s time to catch some rest. In Tekirdag I found a couchsurfhost and that was where I was heading to. Reaching the town relatively early, I become productive, buying a map of Turkey and a Turkish...

Turkish delight

Turkish Delight I was nervous and excited at the same time. What would Turkey be like? What am I nervous about? Nervous about the unknown, but that’s not a reason to not go. So hey ho, let’s go to Turkey. The border crossing went less smooth than the other ones, but...