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Border crossings all day!

It’s the second border we crossed this bike tour: France-Switserland this time! To me it’s always special, I can’t really tell why, but a border crossing gives the hint of being far away and reaching a new world.

Life is much better now since I recovered from being ill. It took me a long week to get over this terrible feeling. It was so hard being out there while sick, having company and trying to have the best time – but since I feel better it’s such an amazing adventure again and all is good.

Also, there’s actually a decent travel schedule now, which is rare, but nice. My dad and I will follow the next route: Basel-Konstanz-Vaduz-Zürich. After the next weekend I’ll be on my own again after he travels home – I dip into Italy for a month and a bit. End of june I meet up with Janneke around Slovenia.

Just a lot of good things happening and nothing but good weather to wish for basically!

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