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In 5 days I have been into 5 countries, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and France, but most important, I am just on the go. It is incredibly nice to be on my bike after counting down to the 11th of october for a while!

Besides a cold and rainy day 2 and 3 there’s not much to complain about, actually I feel very grateful for the weather I got so far and from the help I got on the road. The first nights I slept in peoples gardens and they all offered me a meal and  their company that kept me warm. It still surprises me how friendly human beings are and how easy they accept me in their lives for just a brief period. 

On the downside, two times already my bike decided that it was time to go to a bike shop, pretty unpleasant, but all by all, the problems are fixex now and I should be could for some more kilometers. 

Via Couchsurfing I got offered a place to stay in Metz and the host even arranged a place for me a day earlier in Luxembourg city. It is awesome to see how things sometimes just really work out great.

The next weeks I will be in France, I ride the bike from the north east to the south west, which will take me roughly too weeks.

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8 days on the road

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