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Slovenia holiday time

It’s always surprising how much can happen in a few weeks. It makes it feels like a year, but it’s exactly the life I want to life at the moment. I get a pure form of energy, the pure form of excitement – every day.

I’ve felt so alive and so strong last weeks, I could ride for hours, push myself over the biggest mountains and the next day I could do it all over again. And again. With the amazing landscapes, the great weather and great mental shape this must be the best bike life days of my life. I’m living on a cloud.

Currently I’m in Slovenia and that’s where I try to find my rest – no more bike traveling for two weeks, because I’m having a holiday. The difference between what I was doing and what I do now couldn’t be bigger, but it’s the holiday I need, I want and due to the best company I could wish for right now I am blessed with another lovely part of this journey.

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7 challenging weeks

Part II of this journey, together with my dad, started with illness, after separating in Zürich we both ended up with Covid. The time inbetween was unforgettable perfect - to go on a bike tour with my dad was a dreamt that came true. The first days of Covid I had...

Trouble shooting

My time in Italy has been great and absolutely demanding so far! A couple of days ago I woke up and all the energy left my body. A truly scary feeling, because the day before I had a great day on the bike. It must have been a combination of the intensity of long bike...

Time to fly out (again)

The rythm my dad and I gained during the last three weeks, will be gone by tomorrow, the 22th of May. We separate, he goes home, I go on. It's such a weird feeling, again, like I had the last three times when I had to say goodbye. I'm not getting used to it, it's even...