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Reached the finish line

The journey has come to an end. Eleven months since I took off, 24 countries in Europe and Asia and in a way it doesn’t matter about the kilometers, the hours ridden on the bike.

What matters the most is how I felt. And I felt great, ofcourse not all day everyday, no one can. I felt great because I’ve made the life choices I should have made earlier, but I still made them. 

Living the bike life touches all the green buttons, I feel strong, free, adventurous, social. I learn everyday and life is generally simple. The only stress is about things that truly matters, and when stressfull situations appears, it makes me wonder about what really matters.

In The Netherlands I feel stress easily, I continue the rat race and it’s not making me happy in general. There’s always this urge in me to go. That’s why I have to make a start of living a ‘boomerang life’. I like to get out, to explore, to roam around, but I’ll always come back, because in ‘my’ country there will always be enough reasons to get back to.

I’m nervous and excited about the future, I wonder what’s next. Because I’m sure there will be a next and that’s what inspires me to move on!