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Almost there, almost done!

1500km to go and I’m not even sure if I will cover everything by bike. I have decided to be back in The Netherlands for a wedding of a good friend the 17th of september. That’s a clear deadline and it feels good to have one. It gives every day a purpose. Every meter is one closer to the end.

Riding towards ‘home’ is a strong thing, everyday I think about the warmth I will receive back there – and at the same time a very uncertain period of time will appear when I get there. But to be honest, mentally I’ve almost reached my limit. My head is full of all the experiences and I need time to put everything in place and I am gonna take my time for it. I will need it.

Traveling by bike is the thing I love doing the most, but when that’s too much, I prefer being in The Netherlands for a certain period of time. 

There’s 1500km to go in 15 days, without having to conquer too many mountains, it’s definitely possible, but the weather is about to be unstable and that’s something I cannot handle very well. That’s why I wouldn’t be very bothered to take a train some day.

Probably I continue riding the bike in The Netherlands to visit friends and family, sounds like me, sounds like a plan and it sounds like something that makes me happy.