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Going fast while smelling The Netherlands

Riding with a clear goal in mind make me go faster. I´m covering more kilometers than I have ever done with the bike, steadily doing 6 to 8 hours daily with a rest day once in a while. 

Although it is fairly unknown what I´ll do in The Netherlands, there will be nice reunions with my parents and friends. There will be showers and beds and warm food instead of a tent, sweat and being surrounded by animals that like to suck my blood.

Slowly I started to feel that I need a longer break from this cycling adventure, and for now the best place to have this break is in The Netherlands.

That thought gives me the power to make long days on the bike which I am very much enjoying. It is luckily less hot these days, there´s not much rain falling and I have a strong rythm going on. From Kayseri to The Netherlands the route is about 4000km, and I covered in 11 days over 1500km. Which means I am in Bulgaria now. The contrast between the countries are overwhelming, but it also gives me some more time to put some extra kilometers in. Everything has it´s advantage.