Bikelife Bram

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The final countdown: day -2

With closing the door of my apartment I knew there was no way back anymore. Bikelife will be real SOON! I did not thought this would effect my feelings, but it did. Ofcourse it did, I have made huge decisions by quitting my studies and saying goodbye to the life I lived in the western part of the Netherlands.

I am scared and thrilled at the same time of what will happen, where the wind takes me and how my road provides me. All bike tours I have made before have been huge highlights in my life. Logical, the bike life is simple, but intense. It’s my way to reach the highest high, but they won’t arrive without also touching the lowest lows.  

Bike packing will always be a big part of me, but also I do now know that I don’t want to do it in my usual dramatic fashion anymore – with all the job quitting and saying goodbye parts. I am looking forward to create a balanced lifestyle where I can combine a stable (work)life with enough space for my outdoor adventures. 

It wouldn’t surprise me if this bike tour will be my last and biggest one and besides the fears, nerves and doubts I’m also coming home from the second I pedal away.