Bikelife Bram

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BikelifeBram is real!

It’s happening. Monday morning I got my first kilometers in and the adventure started for real now, like it started already weeks and weeks before in my head. 

My dad biked with me the first long stretch and it was just beautiful. It is nice to have company and it is nice to let him see and feel what I will experience day after day from now on. 

The last days I was in a weird spot, you could say I felt off balance. I lived in a slower pace then how the world happend. I started to worry, I got even afraid about the ‘what will happen after this bike tour’. I convinced myself that those feelings also belong to this moment, but I would have loved a better and energetic feeling the days before the grand depart.

In the end there is then just one thing to do. Ride. The. Bike. Now I am looking for the right bike packing rythm in challenging conditions. When I find the rythm, I know I am in the place where I belong for now.