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8 days on the road

Once my of my favorite writers wrote that it´ is better not to have any expectations: or everything happens the way you already imagined it and you won’t be surprised, or something goes different then expected and you will be disappointed.

Well, I am not surprised and not disappointed at all after 8 days on the road. I did find my flow pretty soon, the flow of getting up, battling the colds, sprinting towards the closest supermarkt or bakery, warm up and do 4-6 hours before it get dark again. 

The roads I tackle these days leads me into little, almost empty French villages and through stretched out landscapes. It is hilly inbetween farmer grounds and that’s fysically and mentally challenging, but nice it is.

This morning I had to warm up myself in this tiny bakery and an 56 year old man approached me. We had a lively conversation, this guy had been in the French army as an jet fighter pilot and nowadays he is flying stunt planes. He has been all over the world and it felt like we understood both eachother, the urge to sometimes change routes. But also he understood my needs of feeling home so now and then, so have a safe haven. I continued through the foggy conditions, my gloves and pants where covered in little frozen waterballs.

I arrived safely in Dijon where I enjoy my first restday. Time to wash my clothes, get some decents nights of sleep in and to roam around by feet instead of by bike. 

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist