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An 8-day adventure

Janneke and I did separate for a week and a bit, which gave me the opportunity to ride my bike for 8 days straight. I decided to go zigzag through the Algarve and Alentejo region, crossing the cork tree area, the hilly Algarve part, the almost flat grass lands and everything in between.

After living a life without the bike, I felt nervous by starting again. Would I still like it? How would the wild camping be after the robbery? But as always, the moment I start riding, fears are gone and I feel that traveling my bike is the thing that I love doing the most in this phase of my life.

My body had to get used to the same rythm again of sleeping outside, eating the same (unhealthy) food and pushing up hills and against strong winds, but…I loved every single minute. I felt free, and strong while being alone. The only times I was inside were the daily supermarket visits. In 8 days only the cassier and myself were the voices I heard, and I loved it.

 I slept in an abandoned school, in parks, behind churches and in a dark forrest.  

The last night, I stopped at a lake, not far from a German campervan. The owner walked up to me and said: “I bet you don’t have any beers with you and I bet you deserve one.” I smiled, and before I had the chance to reply, he offered me a sixpack of beers.

I slept like a baby…