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Hi bye hit and run

The days are slow now, because my mind is already somewhere else – to be exact, I already live in the next weekend.

I will ride the bike again into the known and unknown. There will be the cold nights and the rainy days again, the sore legs and the dangerously closeby passing cars. Also, there will be the sunny days, the songs in my head, the mountains who share my stories and the camping spots where I know I feel alive.

Still, it is hard to really look forward to it. The weather forecast isn’t good at all plus it has been a long time since I have been living on the road. There’s always second thoughts in the week before I leave, I wonder if I still will like it and if I can do it…but the first hour on the bike solves all the problems. The only difficulty is getting on the bike.

Roughly 3.000km’s separates me between here and the Netherlands. I have a funny feeling about reaching my home country. I will only be there for a short time, which means I say ‘hi’ to the ones I meet and not long after I leave again with a ‘bye’. The feeling of being welcome will be overwhelming, and the feeling of leaving all the good things again shortly after gives me already an unpleasant but also exciting feeling. The only thing is to just let it happen. HI and BYE.