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Home sweet home

I go home. Although I don’t really have a home, I’m used to the feeling that I am home when people invite me and let me be part of there lives. And ofcourse, being at my parents is always HOME HOME.

Almost 6 months it’s been since I left The Netherlands and I will be back real soon.

I have been in this situation before and a few things will happen:

-My body shuts down for a while, due to not living on adrenaline and excitement anymore. Tiredness kicks in.

-My mind tells me I need to eat still as much as I needed.

-I have to live with the rythm of others, I’ve to be in social environments for a while and that will be heavy.

What I need to do, is to reflect on the past months. It is easy to live in the moment or to make plans for the future, because there will be a lot happening in The Netherlands. But I know I need to sit down, read my diary, have a look at the photo’s and remember all the stories. I have to sit down to move on.