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Close to a second goodbye

The ‘hi and bye’- part is over halfway now. In less than 2 weeks a new adventure starts. The 2nd of May I’ll hit the road again, with my dad’s company. Somewhere in Switserland I go further alone.

Last two weeks I found a nice rythm between resting, preparing and seeing friends and family. More and more I see and feel how challenging being on the road is, and how much I love it. I’m truly doing the thing that I am supposed to do, but there also exist places where I belong where I don’t feel the urge to move. 

Although, to be honest, I also get this weird ‘before departure’- feeling again. Thoughts pop up like ‘is this really what you want?’, because it is still pretty rough to leave again my beloved ones, esspecially my parents. It turns out that they are so strongly ‘in my team’ now and that is one of the best feelings in the world.

Also, I figured it’s hard for people to deal with me being gone and there’s no way I am a stable factor in other peoples lifes. I do struggle with that from time to time. But, when I am on the go, there’s not much side thoughts rushing, just me, the tent and the bike.

Part II is about to happen and I’m almost ready!