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Rhine Rhine Rhine time to shine

When I wake up, I see the Rhine-river, when I go to bed, I see the Rhine-river. During the day, when I look left and ahead, there it is again. And it’s not boring at all.

From the flat lands the hills appeared, cute villages rose up and the castles looked powerful. We crossed ugly Ruhrgebiet-towns like Duisburg and Bonn and saw also beautiful cities like Cologne and Koblenz. It’s a pretty divers route.

There’s just two things to do, ride the bike and follow road signs ‘Eurovelo 5’. That is an almost perfectly signed bikepath from Switserland to The Netherlands and vice versa. With the weather conditions being literally perfect, with tail wind and nice temperatures, we cycle inbetween 3-5 hours a day. My dad is doing an amazing job, being not experienced at all in riding multiple days in a row, conditionally he’s absolutely fine, he’s not having too much sadle and muscle pain. We eat healthy, we rest enough and we don’t ride too fast. It’s about the long term.

Personally, I’ve been better. From the first day on I’m ill. Lacking energy, lacking lust of life. I’m hanging on there, I get through the days, I do enjoy being on the road, be out there, but I’m not as free and enthousiastic as I used to be. Hopefully I recover soon and I bet everything will be better, because life is already amazing: being able to do the things I love the most and being able to share it with my dad…