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Time to fly out (again)

The rythm my dad and I gained during the last three weeks, will be gone by tomorrow, the 22th of May. We separate, he goes home, I go on.

It’s such a weird feeling, again, like I had the last three times when I had to say goodbye. I’m not getting used to it, it’s even getting worse. I wish I could go back to that feeling of having fun by thinking about the bikelife that will appear, but it’s not.

The feelings I do love about bike traveling appears soon enough though, it always does. After the first night in my tent, I will live my bikelife again. Till that point, my head is all over the place.

The three weeks with my dad, the 1300+km are filled with beautiful memories. Sometimes it was hard for me to explain or really feel the moments when they were there, but I always knew everything that happened will be in my head for a very long time.

I’m absolutely blessed that I could do such an adventure with my dad in all health. There’s no guarantees for tomorrow, for nothing. I’m grateful for everything I learnd from him during this trip and I’m so happy I could share this part of my life with him.

Now there’s 30 of pure bike days left between this adventure and another one…I’ll meet Janneke in Slovenia in june!

Roughly, my route takes me south to Italy, up to Austria and then down again to Slovenia – but I know me, this can change everyday for whatever reasons. Everyday is enough on it’s own and holds it’s own challenges!