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Escaped the bears!

Trouble in Greece

Troubles in paradise, in Greece. I found a nice little road on the map. It’s about 40km in the middle of nowhere. That’s how it started, my bags full of food and the water bottles filled. It started nicely with a proper off roaf uphill, but suddenly the road became unrideable: rocky, muddy and super steep.

Time for a nice ‘hike & bike’-episode.

I pushed the bike for hours and hours straight, I knew I needed to hurry because of the upcoming sunset. I struggled massively, it was so steep. I had to take all the bags of many times, bring them up, bring the bike up and all over again.

Suddenly I heard a car coming down the mountain, how’s that even possible on this ‘road’? George stopped, looked at me and it was crystal clear that he though I was stupid. He was right… He wanted me to go down the mountain, but stubborn me didn’t wanted to give up. George warned me for wolves and bears, without a gun this is not an area you want to be at. That got me scared.

Luckily George brought me 4km further uphill, to a place where his 4*4 couldn’t go. Time to continue the ‘hike & bike’. The sun went down, it became colder, and luckily I reached a better road. It lead me to a ski resort, completely abandoned. But I was still scared about the bears and wolves, I decided to do a downhill on a terrible road in the dark, I definitely reached some new adrenaline levels that day.

At a church I set up camp, but I couldn’t sleep for a few hours. Dopamine rush!