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Turkish delight (2)

Turkish delight (2)

I pushed myself pretty hard the last 20 days, it’s time to catch some rest. In Tekirdag I found a couchsurfhost and that was where I was heading to.

Reaching the town relatively early, I become productive, buying a map of Turkey and a Turkish Sim-card. While walking out of the mall, a student approached me, ‘it looks like you’re on to something intresting, if you have time, follow me, I buy you coffee’. This could easily be a tourist trap, but due to the recent experiences in this country, I decided to trust him.

We spoke for a while, it was all calm and nice, and I didn’t had to pay for the coffee. Random, but fun!

Next stop: bike shop. At the coast there was a super cute bike shop, you could smell the owner just love fixing bikes. He checked my bike, all good. That’s where more random things started: I stayed in the bike shop for the rest of the day, all customers were friends of the owner and I had to tell my story over and over again, while they kept buying tea and ice creams for everyone present.

A 16-year old, Emen, decided to help me to find a shop where one of my cycling bags could be stitched. The adventure in the Greece mountains ripped open one of the bags. Cycling through the whole city, we found a tiny place where an old guy stitched the bag in a second. For free.

This country makes me feel like I’m a movie star…