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Turkish delight (3)

‘Accept it with gratefullness’ is what I tell myself these days. The generosity of the Turkish people is just from another planet. 

-I bought a bread at a gas station. The owner wanted me to sit down and he gave me coffee, walked to his garden and provided me with a lot of grapes

-I reached a mountain top, happy to see a water tap. At a picnic table a group saw me and immideatly ran to their car looking for water, Fanta and food.

-I pauzed in the shadow next to a flowershop, the owner drank tea with me for an hour while having a nice Google Translate conversation.

-A huge pick up truck stopped right in front of me and the driver almost forced me to jump in, because ‘you must be crazy to ride a bike in these hot conditions’. It took some time to convince him that the purpose of bike traveling is to ride a bike.

Now I’m having some rest days in Denizli. I realized I need more social activities and less fysical challenges due to the weather. It wears me out, and still I really want to get to know Turkey better. It is such a versatile country and it fascinates me a lot.

Roughly, I want to spend the next 1.5 months here, before I will try to reach the Netherlands around october/november. I’m not sure if I will use public transport or if I will bike everything…

That’s the fun of bike traveling, no way I have a clue about what will happen the next day.