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Off I go!

It took me years and years to finally go for it, although deep inside I’ve always known bikelife is my life. Multiple times I did quit my job and got rid of my apartment, but always I got caught again in the 9 to 5 lifestyle, because I felt I was supposed to live that life.

Now it’s really time to find a better balance between bikepacking and work.

I’ve quit my job and I’ll be homeless from the start of my bike tour from the 11th of october 2021, but I always feel at home in and around my tent and everywhere on the globe when I encounter people from all cultures. Off I go!

I do already miss my friends and family, but I would feel miserable if I wouldn’t take this shot of adventure even more by staying at home. I’m more then ready for an intense, new chapter in my life and I’m open to anything that will occur on my path!